Height: 17.33 in. (44 cm)
Width: 20.08 in. (51 cm)
Depth: 1.58 in. (4 cm)
Important early 18th century italian oil painting on canvas funeral scene. The scene takes place outdoors with architectural elements in the background, many characters probably of the monks are busy burying the dead. The painter is very full-bodied with bold brushstrokes full of matter, every detail leads to the pictorial hand of an important Italian painter Alessandro Magnasco, known as Lissandrino (Genoa, February 4, 1667s – Genoa, March 12, 1749s). Considered one of the most original painters of the Italian eighteenth century, he distinguished himself, in popular genre painting, for the dense brushstroke of luminous contrasts that tended to build dark apparatuses and distorted figures, anticipating the painting of the following centuries. The painting has been restored and relined, the beautiful frame is not contemporary with the painting.