Dimensions with frame
Height: 36.23 in. (92 cm)
Width: 21.66 in. (55 cm)
Depth: 1.19 in. (3 cm)

Beautiful antique Italian oil painting on canvas 1900s. Portrait of a little girl with accordion. Unsigned work attributed to important Italian artist Angelo Vernazza (Genoa Sampierdarena, 1869 – Genoa, 1937)
Since he was a child he felt attracted to the world of art. Between 1884 and 1887 he attended the Ligustica Academy of Fine Arts and then, thanks to a scholarship, the Florentine school of Nicolò Barabino, of which he was one of the best students and one of the closest collaborators until his death in 1891.

In 1893, a trip to London and Paris, where he deepened his training at the Académie Julian, helped to attenuate his academic rigor, approaching first post-impressionism and a few years later with divisionism.

However, his ethical and moral rigidity did not allow him the expressive freedom at the basis of the new artistic movements and in fact, when he returned to Genoa he rejoined a realist painting marked by a rigorous academic style. Much appreciated by the critics of the time, who considered him the continuer of Barabino, he founded an art school, based in via XX Settembre in the “Palazzo delle Cupole”, and received numerous commissions for frescoes, portraits and landscapes by wealthy exponents of society of his time, linked to tradition. In his production there is no lack of frescoes of religious inspiration, present in numerous Ligurian churches.

Highly esteemed for his moral uprightness and appreciated in life as an artist, for his link with the classical tradition in a time of profound artistic innovation.